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artist's statement...

I spend so  much time gazing into my paintings that they become  mandalas for me.   Begun with just a color or shape……..or even just a feeling………the pieces unfold with a life of their own and take me in often surprising directions.

I work in glazes, putting down many layers of translucent washes,  and in this way, building up the color.   The colors are as they come from the tubes,  thus color mixing happens on the canvas rather than the palette.     In this way the colors develop through the layers, and forms emerge, giving the work vibrancy and depth.

My work is abstract, and  mostly non-representational.   That is, there is no object of reference outside of myself to work from…….nor to measure the finished product against.

As a lover of nature, a seeker of truth, and a believer in non-traditional healing pathways, I have developed a passion for the philosophies of body, mind, and spirit.

Working with color and form, my paintings come from inside.   Learning to trust my own creative process has been key to my artistic development, and I continue to learn with each new piece.

My images come from allowing myself to connect to that deeper place where the true self lives.  From that place comes primal imagery, sacred symbols, and a tender palette that speaks of balance and wholeness that goes beyond words.  This language of art speaks from color and form; and it's energy and story asks us to see in a different way.

I invite you to experience and grow through this visionary art.

Janyt piercy/brooks

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